Well, here I am! I have finally decided to get serious about getting my work published. From now on slush piles are a thing of the past!

I write poems (well rhyming stories really) and  I would like to think that all those amazing authors out there started out the same way and with lots of hard work and some luck, I can and will be as successful as all of  them.

I am unique and slightly doolally but I am hard working, crazy, fiercely loyal, conscientious and one of a kind – surely all the attributes you need to be a writer, no?

So, let me know what you think. Here I go, wish me luck!


  1. great start and we have everything crossed for you – sarah ” jk” broadley 🙂
    The malones

  2. You go girl, I think you have a great rhyming talent and look forward to reading your new stories and poems. Julie.