You may be aware that I like to write rhyming stories. So, it comes with great trepidation and a large amount of courage to announce that I have stepped over to the dark side for a brief moment in time!

After spending numerous hours researching the pro’s and con’s of eye patches and trying to figure out which public domain would be best suited to help with my written word on this subject (see watcha doin’ for a better explanation), I came across a competition for writers through my bible aka The Writers and Artists Yearbook 2012.

However, there is to be no fluffiness or pink clouds or anything that lovely this time as the competition is to be on short stories of the criminal nature. Gasp. Horror. Shriek.

Anyway, I have written a wee piece called Siren and after lengthy conversations with my in-house proof-reader (Neil) we have managed to get it down to under 1000 words.

It’s a monthly competition where the theme changes and there is a winner and four runners-up every month. However in November they announce the overall winner which results in publication. So…onwards and upwards I go. Wish me luck!