As the famous (well in my wee boys minds anyway) Oogway the wise turtle once said, there is no good or bad news, there is only news!

So, the bad news first…

As most of my friends are aware, I entered a competition run by the Borders Writer’s Forum to raise much needed pennies for the Sick Kids Foundation. The winner would have their entry read out at the Borders Book Festival on Saturday 16th June along with receiving some beautiful crystal and going home with an amazing accolade under their belt.

As the theme was to be ‘Illness & the child’ I decided to embark on a rhyming story regarding Wee C’s visit to the sick kids recently. Six stitches for him and a large gin and tonic for mum after we got back.  Both of us are fine now though!

Anyway, I am digressing – I was short-listed from 38 entries down to 11, too much excitement and trepidation in my mind. Sadly It wasn’t meant to be but I still enjoy reading this poem (although not reliving the night itself) and as so many have asked to see it, I am going against all my plagiarism instincts and letting you have a wee look. Please let me know what you think!

Learning To Fall

I didn’t know what happened

When you fell and hurt your head,

You stood up straight away

But you were covered all in red.


The shock of your great fall

Really hit us hard,

Of all the bumps and scrapes you’ve had

This topped the list by far.


The hole that made it’s ugly mark

Was there for all to see,

You wondered what was going on

Sitting dazed upon my knee.


I pressed a towel to your wound

And watched as you grew quiet,

I couldn’t let you close your eyes

Not even for a minute.


We sang some songs together

While we waited patiently,

Daddy made a dash for home

– Ambulance on its way.


Your brother and your best friend too

They tried to make us laugh,

They did a dance and told us jokes

and pretended to be giraffe’s!


We wanted you to forget

Even for a little while,

Of all the pain in your head

in the hope that you might smile.


Accidents happen all the time

It’s just the way you are,

We love your scrapes, scuffs and all

Our fantastic little star.


We got you home all cleaned up

The end of day in sight,

You went to bed and fell asleep

While we watched you through the night.


Seven days later, bandages off

Another brave day for you,

Six stitches out, you were so proud

You even took them into school.


I won’t forget what happened

I think about it every day,

You’re such a brave wee boy

and special in every way.


After all the lessons learned that day

You still climb up that high,

It hasn’t put you off at all

but did you really want to fly?


The doctor’s and the nurses

Made our visit so care-free,

The Sick Kids in Edinburgh

Is the safest place to be.


So if you fall and hurt your wrist

Or break your collar bone,

There’s a magical place to make you well

At the other end of the phone.

© Sarah Broadley 2012

And the good news…

The NHS have decided that they really like my ‘Perfect Patch’ poem so much, they are getting in touch with some illustrators to take my idea forward for their web site….watch this space!