Happy New Year!

I don’t know whether you are like me or not but I always try to start the year off trying something new, different and possibly better for me health-wise. So, do I lay of the Chardonnay, slam the door in the face of cheese and biscuits and stop counting cocoa beans as one of my 5-a-day?  I could. But that would be dull and not very exciting in the whole grand scheme of everything resolution-like, now wouldn’t it?

So here I am, baring all to you as I make my resolutions for 2013.

1. Write one or more blog(s) every day – that’s some serious bloggage to you and I.

2. Stop making up words that don’t exist (in my mind doesn’t count, ‘bloggage’…really! I weep for the future!).

3. Read at least two books a week (20 books for January blog to follow!)

4. Re-read every single piece of literary wonder I have ever written and be ruthless with the delete button. It’s not going to sell if I’m the only one that likes it. And Neil. But he doesn’t count as he has an unbiased position in the household as Greatbigjar’s husband.

5. Reduce my time on Twitter – *puts hands up in the air* I’m addicted and it’s getting silly and I love it. ‘But it’s a fantastic networking tool’ says my inner demon. Sigh.

6. Get published. Again. But this time in my own right.

7. Write a crime novel with as much blood and guts that you can shake a shitty stick at. Details to follow…wooooo (ghostly noise).

In 2013 I will mostly be striving to love… my family even more than I do now, my bank less and to also try to find inner peace – I too want to find it like Po the Panda, without the voice of Dustin Hoffman whispering in the background though.

Onwards and upwards we go – where we will end up who knows but it’s going to be one hell of a ride!


  1. Hi Sarah. I stumbled upon your blog and it really made me smile. Some of those books on your unfinished list are appealing so come
    On! Stop doing all those things I do when I have something really important to get on with – finish the stories! Then I’ll settle down with a cup of tea and get lost in them. Happy New Year.