I know now that I will not finish my book challenge – it’s the 31st January and I have only red 7 out of the 15 I was meant to read. That’s not very good, is it? Memories of certain high school teachers saying those exact words to me have now come flooding back.

I blame bugs and my lack of caffeine (http://greatbigjar.wordpress.com/2013/01/31/party-in-my-gut/)! Anyway, I am just glad I got to read this as part of the mad task I had created for myself.

‘The Impossible Dead’ by Ian Rankin

The main character, Malcolm Fox, came to light in The Complaints. A book that the older generation would probably relate to Grasses or Sneaks. A refreshing change to see how the other shoe fits in the police world of today. A bit like when you start a project/book/task and the further you go in the muckier your hands get.

Impossible Dead is a murder enquiry that has so many twists and plots you really lose yourself in it and the hours fly by. You never get the feeling that you have lost where things are heading and you smile and nod as you try  to sympathise with Fox and his two side-kicks as they grow ever closer to the bad guys. I liked the political element of this book and thought it fitted in well with the characters. The twist towards the end was one that I did not see coming and certainly held your attention as you knew that Rankin had further plans for them all. I just wish I had managed to read it one go…but you need to sleep!

This book has now asserted itself right next to ‘The Complaints’ in my book case and settled in well. I was a bit gutted that Rebus had finally hung his well-worn coat up in the retirement cupboard of working life but it is a well deserved break for him as he had served us well and provided us with much suspense, intrigue and dare I say it – laughter. We all nod in adulation of him for his amazing talent to discover the culprits in his slightly morose way and manage to piss off so many people on the way there. My kind of humour.

Now then Malcolm Fox. Come in, I’ve been expecting you.