So, here I am, procrastinating again and BOOM. Another wee gem appears in my mind and flows onto my page like a river of honey onto warm toast (what is it with me and food?).

Anyway, I was just pottering about on my blog and tidying up my in-box (horrific amount of read mail just sitting there – be gone I say to no-one in particular and deftly hit the delete key), when I started to type. To re-cap, I had decided a while ago to try a book for wee ones but older than the wee ones I normally right for. Maybe wee N’s age – 8 or so.

I changed a few things here and there but I really wasn’t getting very far when I decided to just go for it and it just started to flow.  I have started to draft it but thought I would let you all have a sneaky peek at the potential book blurb for the back cover – you know the thing you read on a book to see if you really want to buy it or maybe you just liked the look of the front and wanted to find out if it is worth a second look, possibly something that might persuade you to spend your well-earned cash?

Ladies and Gentlemen – I give you ‘The Warlocks Tail’. To add dramatic effect you could always read it in a voice-over style or however you like really. I wrote it with superhero/avenger type music in my head, if that helps.

For all those kleptomaniac’s out there, all rights are reserved by me and copyright is mine.

In a small town on the outskirts of Edinburgh, lives Louis Bainbridge. His life is about to be changed forever after he discovers an ancient relic in his back garden. Hidden beneath the old Sycamore tree that has been there since long before he was born he stumbles across a Warlocks Tail.  Louis discovers forces that he cannot, as yet, control and he is torn between his life in Newton and the mystical world that awaits him at the end of the dark vortex. Follow Louis on his magical adventures across forbidden lands as he unravels the mystery of the Tail and all who possess it. His journey will see him traverse the Swallow Lands and on to the Battle Of Providence. Will he take his seat on the throne or will he be defeated by the Dragons of Kismet? And all this before breakfast too.

Whatdayathink? Answers on a postcard or just hit the reply button if you like.