Saturday TV

After listening to three cartoon theme tunes this morning; Johnny Test, The Amazing World of Gumball and Mr Bean (yeah, I know I should know better), I have been transported back to my youth through the sleepy eyes of my insomniac children.

I have fond memories of waking up early and tip-toeing downstairs before everyone else is up. This was my time. My time to control the TV and watch what I wanted to watch. Typically followed by three bowls of cereal and unlimited toast – loved the heel of the loaf drenched in melted butter, does that make me weird?

Switching on the TV in our house was a grand occasion, there were 7 of us so it was whoever got there first – every man for himself. If you were lucky enough to be the first to touch the ‘Golden Remote’ then the world was indeed in the palm of your hand. Batfink ‘My wings are like a shield of steel’ was my idol, him and Bananaman rocked. I watch them now and I try not to grimace.

Battle of The Planets. Need I say anymore.

I remember the Christmas jumpers (on all times of the year though) on Saturday Swap Shop, Noel Edmond’s hair was amazing! My Mum had a wee soft spot for him, along with Cliff Richard. You can see what musical delights went on in our house on a Saturday evening.  Thankfully we didn’t have a ‘real’ fire otherwise it would have been twee-overload.

Then there was Tiswas, dare I say it not really my era but when big sis got the remote first that was our choice of programme. It was so risqué back then, well to me anyway and I always felt like a fight was going to break out in the cage! The Tube, now there was a programme that I honestly thought they would all be stoned and start swearing but I don’t recall it ever getting like that. It was so cool though.

I think back to the innocence of The Flumps and lovely Pootle, The Finger Mouse and the 70’s throwback flares that matched the slug-like dodgy moustaches adorning the miming presenters.

And so, we come into the 2000’s – my kids don’t watch much TV, they are more interested in the excitement of Minecraft, Moshi Monsters, football and Dot-to-dot…see, how I sneaked that retro one in there!

The old ways were great but I love the way they are merging the older style games with the new and creating a plethora of entertainment for our young nutters. Apart from cartoon Network’s  Adventure Time. No way  – not on my watch.