I’m having a slightly Matrix-illusion day today. I haven’t seen any spoons flying through the air or anything, no dark cloaked avengers fighting for my future in their dreams – I’m just very sleepy.

Not only am I doing my very best impression of a nodding dog, I am also falling asleep so quickly I jolt myself awake after nearly hitting the ground during my short dream. I remember someone telling me once that if you fall off a building or roof/slide etc while you are sleeping, you will actually (‘like totally’ – if your 15 that is) die if you hit the ground. Now, I’m not one to believe any of that but way back in the depths of my brain, that’s where I might be inclined to agree with that statement.

I suppose it’s a bit like waking yourself up with your own snores, not the snores emanating from the bundle of PJ’s lying next to you, who incidentally wouldn’t wake up if WW3 had started. There I lay, pondering about my next rhyming story or what to add in to the last chapter I wrote on the 9+ novel I am working on or just generally wondering about life in general and what it all means. I know what you’re thinking, that’s a bit deep for this time of the day so I’m going to blame the wonderful Matt Haig and his latest book ‘The Humans’ for that. So many questions for you Matt – so little time. Fantastic book though and I will be sad when I finish it (62 pages to go!).

You can now imagine how I felt at 2.30 this morning as my clock glared at me with its neon smile, daring me to quickly get back to sleep. ‘Go on, bet you can’t’ it sneers at me as I helplessly create a shopping list, still-to-get-for-holiday list and any other list I can think of as my mind starts to become alert and restless, eager to get into the day ahead.

Well, Mr Neon Glare, I have news for you. I have deadlines to meet and people to share coffee and chocolate with, so be afraid, be very afraid. I will absorb my pillow tonight and tomorrow will be a new day (obviously). I will be prepared girl-guide style, my serotonin levels will be at maximum warp (always wanted to say that) and I will start the day afresh with boundless energy as the words flow easily onto the page in-front of me.


I could get up as normal, get the kids to school and plunge into the fantastic world that is The Edinburgh Book Festival Ticket Hotline which opens first thing tomorrow! My list is ready, my bank has no idea what’s about to hit it but this is me in my happy place or happy deck chair as the case may be.

P.s @edbookfest – please tell me you’re having deck chairs this year? If not, I might cry.