My Ode to Andy Murray (in a non-stalkery, loyal fan kind of way)


Dunblane’s super hero – the main in white shorts, you play tennis in London on green grassy courts

You hail from the North, work hard in the South, some folk say you’re dour and long in the mouth

‘That can’t be right!’ we all say in mock horror, our Andy’s a star, just like his big brother

We love your great spirit, your fighting finesse, the way you raise games and give us all stress

One minute we’re happy and shouting for joy, the next we can’t look as you curse your lost points

Every volley and smash – we take in a breath, exhaling our sighs, hands covered in sweat

Take it easy today as we all sit and watch, our very own Saltire, devouring his match

Its been a long, weary road for your tired arms and legs, just one more day now though, one match left ahead

Please give us some aces and slamming returns and show the world what a star you’ve become

With strawberries and cream, we’ll cheer you on from afar, as pints and prosecco are coiffed at the bar

The trophy’s within reach, it’s almost your time, all rise for King Andy, his moment to shine.

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  1. Apparently your blog post did it’s job to help boost Andy to the championship. He’ll probably want you to blog a poem before every match now.