As a writer, my day can be spent sitting at the dining table in my home as I create my next draft. The cats bring in dead mice every so often because they like me and the minutes go past quickly before school ends and I need to shut up shop for the day.

Some days however, I feel the need for other human company and I regularly find myself walking about, calming the literary voices down as I breathe in the cool air of the approaching Scottish Winter. As luck would have it, I normally end up in a cafe and if there’s a seat by the window then my morning is complete.

I like to settle down with my latte (and whatever slice of sugar and chocolate that hunts me down from the display cabinet) and watch the world slowly unfold before me as I gaze out the window at the drenched, unsmiling people hurrying by, collars pulled up to their ears to keep the cold out.

After said sweet slab of confectionery delight has been consumed and the coffee before me has been drained, my  mind decides that it has just discovered The Next Big Thing in literary terms and I need to write. Now. Quickly. RUN it screams at me – get home now!

What do I do? Do I jump on the nearest bus or ask for the establishments WiFi password and unashamedly open up my laptop-world to anyone crafty enough to get into it? OR…

Do I follow the instructions below and draft chapter upon chapter of my latest novel, in the knowledge that I am safe from the bad people out there who want to steal the passwords to my life/soul? Correct! I choose the safe option. The option that lets me create, drink coffee and put the world to rights – all in a few touches of buttons.

I use an Ubuntu laptop and a Nexus 4 phone and this works every time – the internet in my pocket, on my terms and wherever I get a signal:

How do you carry yours?




  1. I’m still a paper and pen man but you’re in the right place to emulate J.K.Rowling who did all he writing in cafes too didn’t she? I bet she didn’t get assaulted by various chocolate confections though, maybe it’s the technology that attracts them.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    1. As far a I know, it was the Elephant & Castle on George IV Bridge that she used. I tend to stay near the water. I think I go to cafes because they throw life at you in all shapes and forms. Fantastic for adding to your work. Coffee-drinkers plaguerism at its finest 🙂