The above lyrics may have come from a hit back in 1973 but I just wanted to welcome you all to my lovely, sparkly new blog.

For those who have clicked on the link from my old site as per my dubious instructions – yay, you did it, welcome back to the fold. For everyone else who has stumbled across my jovial sputterings: come on in, put your feet up and make yourself comfortable. Tea is warming in the pot and the biscuits were made fresh this morning (possibly via my local shop but they are offered to you all the same).

You will have noticed that I am now just Great Big Jar and have lost my wordpress middle name. I also now need 250 new business cards – didn’t really think this through did I?

I hope you like the new layout, any thoughts/ideas/chocolate gratefully received.  If you haven’t already done so, please click on the FOLLOW link on the right hand side and enter your e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail asking to confirm your address and away we go. Simple.

Welcome one and all to my new abode.

Great Big Jar x


  1. Honest, I got an invitation from you. I didn’t know you were hiding from me. Not from me you say, you just wanted a change, well that’s alright then.
    I love the picture header Sarah, that’s heck of a photograph.
    Hope Vista print sort the new business cards for you.
    Huge Hugs, your new home hows good taste.xxxxxxxx

    1. Author

      Me. Hide. Never. As if I would go anywhere without you! Stay safe my friend x