Everything’s a doo-daa

I have many names  for things that I can’t remember the word for. The more I use these imaginary names the less I remember what the actual thing is called and the more likely I am to call it something it’s not over and over again.

Take doo-daa for instance – it’s a peculiar sounding name for anything. It could be a long-lost relative of The Police song, or perhaps it’s missing its wop de bop from Grease and took on a daa instead. Who know’s.

Today I forgot the word for ticket. Now ticket is not a very hard word to forget but it just did not want to come into my brain. So I spent the best part of twenty minutes discussing train times and talking about Frequent Traveller doo-daa’s because I just couldn’t remember the word. I made someone smile though – which I think beats remembering the proper name for doo-daa’s hands down.

So before you travel, check you have your doo-daa and everything else you need and have a lovely trip. I on the other hand will be wracking my brains to find out exactly what it is I have been talking about and what it is I will no doubt forget for the journey.

Maybe I just need to finish my WIP and get some sleep.