I was given the opportunity to head into my local primary school and help the Primary 3’s (age 7-8) with a story telling workshop. So I thought long and hard about what to do with them, what they might like, what they wouldn’t fall asleep to or get bored too easily with…and also didn’t involve the words MINE, CRAFT, LOOM or BANDS. Not an easy task I can tell you!

I knew they weren’t allowed to use paper or pens to write their story, it was all to come from inside the wonderful grey matter that lingers in their heads. They were to use their imagination!

Imagination – a fantastic part of your brain that lets you create your own little world and have everything your heart desires, from chocolate monsters to sleepy minions and all in a little bubble of dreams that make you smile.

So, in I went with my interesting idea and explained to the eager class what I would like them to do. Splitting into groups they would receive three words – a noun, an adverb and a colour. I also gave them a deadline of 10 minutes (apparently that felt like hours). Each group had to create their own unique story and share it with the class. We were all blown away with the amazing actions, terrifying tales and the buzz of enthusiasm from everyone involved. It was fantastic to see and hear them perform in front of the class and their teacher, Miss Munro, was very impressed with their imaginative stories. Well done P3M!

Below is a poem I created from all the different ‘three little words’ we used. I had a lovely time and realise now more than ever that I get to do what I love everyday – especially days like that.

Three Little Words

A White Happy Sledge zooms down Granton Road

as the pupils of Wardie wave as it goes


Beautiful Silver Trucks glisten and gleam

as the Quick Orange Train runs out of steam


The Black Excited Bikes roar into the street

as we feel their rumble under our feet


Loud Pink Diggers crash, wallop and bang

as the Fast Blue Bus stops with a clang


Quiet Brown Motorbikes practise their verbs

as the Tired Yellow Cars fall asleep at the kerb


A Slow Red Tractor shimmies and shakes

beside the Sad Green Lorry who is stuck at the gate


The Sleepy Purple Aeroplane dozes in its shed

the day is now over…it’s nearly time for bed!







  1. Now that’s a really crafty way to get a plot for your next book, picking the brains of your readers in advance. Very clever Sarah and how kind of you to share it with us. Mwahahaha.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxxxx

    1. Author

      I never thought of it like that David – glad I could help! I was full of ideas by the time I left though, a great way to spend a morning.