2015-01-02 15.22.33I can put my hands up and say that I watched Frozen all the way through for the FIRST time this Christmas. An audible gasp may ring out from the mouths of your little people when they hear that but at least I am admitting it, right? I’m not proud, nor big or clever. It just didn’t happen until now. I’m sorry.

Here are my three reasons:

1. I watched it in the cinema when it was released and I fell asleep. Don’t tell anyone. Or judge me. I was tired, the boys had been up early, the coffee made me warm and snuggly and the seats were comfy… and…

2. We bought three copies of the DVD and lost every single one of them. But not the covers. It’s like it knew all along and it didn’t want me to watch it and it was taunting me with empty cases everywhere I turned.

3. I love Olaf, how could you not? But I called him Olga for so long, I fear I may no longer qualify for a warm hug.2015-01-02 15.39.37

So, I thought I would create my own version of the opening verse of the amazing snowman song from Frozen. A musical story sung by one sibling to another asking, over and over again to PLEASE COME AND PLAY WITH ME….NOW! For all those folks out there who have younger sisters, you know EXACTLY what that’s like.

I decided to write this for Norman, my white chocolate snowman, very kindly delivered by Santa (I won’t tell the kids it was Thorntons). So here it is. You can sing along if you want to. I know you know the original words (you don’t want me to sing it as I like you all too much to hurt your ears like that).

Do you want to eat a snowman?

Do you want to eat a snowman?
Tear his body into two?
Or maybe start on his ears?
then munch his nose?
Or head straight for his hat?
We used to be good buddies
And now…he’s lunch
I wish he would fill me up!
Do you want to eat a snowman?
It doesn’t have to be my snowman…
…does it?

It’s just a bit of fun and no Norman’s where harmed in the making of this blog.

Here’s the professionals at work: http://goo.gl/YfN3KK

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  1. It’s OK. The youngsters can turn their scorn/venom towards me as I’ve never seen even a preview of the film. I confess I have an aversion to anything with a lot of singing in though I might have sat through a Lion King with a grandson on sufferance.
    I’m not sure I can countenance violence towards chocolate though on this occasion I’ll only issue a warning since it’s not dark chocolate.
    Have a Wonderful New Year. Ginormous Hugs xxx