What If?

It’s the first month of the new year and I have yet to make any resolutions. Years of defeats on that front have turned me into a realist rather than an optimist. Not that I don’t have dreams and goals, far from it, I just know my limits a bit more now.  I have created an alternative new year resolution list – my ‘what if’ list. What would be on yours? I hope to do some of them this year. Maybe.

What if I actually finished the novel I’m working on?
What if I stopped procrastinating and just got on with it?
What if I wrote 4,000 words every day without needing a wee lie down?
What if I spent so much time researching that all the staff in the library knew me well enough to let me make a cuppa in their staff room?
What if I met Malorie Blackman and actually managed to speak without looking like a goldfish?
What if I learned a new language and actually used it in its country of origin?
What if I could read people’s minds?
What if I could grow another five inches tall?
What if got to sleep straight away every night instead of listening to my characters chatting to me?
What if we could all change the world for the better, one book at a time?