Congratulations on your 4th birthday, my trusty blog. You are no longer an empty theme waiting to be updated. You are now filled with words, pictures, anecdotes and smiles.

Long may your steady posts bring joy and amusement to the plethora of readers that come back and visit you every once in a while. 173 of them at my last count, here’s hoping between us we can conjure up some more witty, creative ideas for our followers.

Thank you for being there, for listening to my woes and struggles and especially for enduring the nervous twitch I have before I press send. I am really trying with that, so bear with me.  Your happy logo never fails to make me smile, its bright colours remind me that every day’s a school day and other such banter/nonsense.

Thank you for being you. happy birthday to my blog

Now, go and eat some technologically enhanced cake and party like it’s 2016 with all the other blogs and sites out there. Don’t be home too late now. Or make toast. Or turn the oven on for a midnight snack.

See you in the morning, bright and breezy.

Mum x


  1. 4…..nooooooo. Hee hee like the toast bit. Always a mum…….