P is not for Procrastination

It’s for perseverance and promises that may or may not be kept. It’s for politely declining trips to your favourite cafe with a friend because there are words that need written.

P is for petulance, when things just don’t go your way.  Then everything is perfect once again as you piece together your prose, persuading your muse that chocolate is indeed the way forward.

P is also for pavlova that sits waiting for you in the kitchen while you finish the daily count. Or perhaps a penguin biscuit to celebrate your achievement so far, dunked in a pristine tea-cup, of course.

It’s for painting the picture in your mind of the characters that caress the page. Or the planting of seeds along the way as you create and plan your story.

It’s for polishing your paragraphs to make them more pleasing, eventually presenting your words in a pitch to the gatekeepers beyond.

P is for Patience.