When I was a teenager, a few years ago now (quiet at the back), I wasn’t sure what to read once I had devoured Judy Blume, Virginia Andrews and the like. Back then there wasn’t the amazing young adult books that are available now so I headed into crime, not literally, I might add.

Ian Rankin’s Rebus caught my eye. His interesting vinyl collection and witty banter pulling me in. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward some decades and I am still devouring ‘lives of crime’ , continually adding new authors to my list of go-to’s should I need a break from the world of middle grade and picture books.

Police procedurals are my top choice so I was delighted to find out that the formidable DI Donna Davenport’s latest stomp into the world was now available. For those who haven’t read any of Jackie McLean’s novels I urge you to start now.

‘Run’ is set in DI Davenport’s hectic world as she works all hours to find a cop killer. In true McLean style, Davenport also has an international investigation grabbing her attention too. Policing football matches is the least of her worries but when a local thug ends up in the mortuary, distracting the team, it not only adds to Davenport’s workload and stretches the force to its limit.

Mob rule beckons and the powers-at-be consider that the ever-increasing crime tally is being manufactured by a force they cannot see,a force they need to stop before it gets out of control.