My Gold Stars

This page is dedicated to all of the publications I have achieved so far, not many I know, but I’m working on it!

I’m trying. ‘Very trying’ as Mum used to say:

1. ‘Happily Ever After – a creative collection for children’ edited by Claire Tupholme (pub Jan 2011) 184418563X (ISBN13: 9781844185634) – My poem ‘No Chocolate for Sam‘ is about a boy who desperately wants some chocolate in his packed lunch box rather than ‘boring fruit’. That’s me on page 94!

2. ‘The Perfect Patch’ – is now published on two medical website to help parents and their young children understand what happens when patching treatment is  recommended. This poem is aimed at the patches provided to help correct weak eye muscles in young children, so I wrote it from a child’s point of view. After consultation with Head of Marketing & Communications at The Royal College of Optometrists, they have now confirmed that my poem is on their website. The Paediatric Opthamologists at Moorfields Eye Hospital have also published this poem on their new website Wee C wore patches for over 3 years and he found it very dull and boring but we persevered. I just wanted something to read with him about what was happening and to try and help him understand why he needed to wear patches. Back then, being 2 years old is hard you know! His words not mine.  He wears his Star Wars glasses every day and has been confirmed as Amblyiopic. He no longer attends the Eye Pavilion in Edinburgh.

3. ‘Light After Dark’ included in The Struggle (pub Nov 2013) – it may not be a children’s publication but I was honoured to be invited to submit towards this fund-raising collection of stories, poems and tales of what we, as authors from around the world, consider a struggle in our lives. Acceptance into the anthology was a very humbling experience for me and also allowed me the chance to create awareness of the charity involved, Creative Symbiosis, and the potential to raise funds for it in a literary way. It is now available on Amazon: For UK dwellers: For those fantastic swimmers overseas: Here’s the link to my blog post with further information on this amazing venture I am so proud to be involved with:

Onwards and Upwards I go.  The feeling I had when I opened the letter of confirmation will always stick in my mind.  Someone actually liked what I had written, imagine that!

It certainly gave me the gumption to look closely at my life and make the move to progress, admittedly one that has been brewing for many, many years now.

I now have an ISBN number that relates to my work, that in itself is enough to get me writing every day.

And if you love a book so much, write an on-line review. It only takes a second and it will mean so much to the author.

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