I have just spent the weekend in Winchester with amazing writers, publishers and agents from all over the British Isles and beyond. A host of events ranging from listening to the insights of the literary world from a well-heeled panel of geniuses to the merits of Sally Gardner’s murderous plans for… more

Rocks are bad. Not intentionally so but in relation to this story they are not required. I am not a Geologist by any stretch of the imagination but I do believe that rocks need to be kept beside other rocks. In a rock community.  Away from paper. In my experience… more

A widgit. A launcher. A shortcut. Or in my ever-increasing technophobic mind – a doo daa.  I call it that mainly because I can never remember the technical name of whatever it is I am trying to decipher while my in-house geek has the audacity to hold down a job… more