That’s all I can really say about the rain these days. We are better off than some as we are a sandbag-free zone, but it is just endless. I thought we were meant to pack away our wellies for the ‘Scottish Summer’, but alas, not a hope.

I have now updated my blog site, yes I know it’s been a while, so please feel free to have a wee dander and let me know what you think.

What’s a girl to do though when it’s raining so hard the cats don’t even want to go outside? School holidays are upon us, trips in a camper van, sports clubs, cinema ‘let me eat the contents of your purse’ days out, visits to the zoo and copious amounts of wine to be drunk of evening as there is no need to get up early.

Did you hear me boys? THERE IS NO NEED TO GET UP EARLY. Sigh.

Enough said.