…since I had a hot date. Yes it might have been with my youngest wee rugrat, but it was still ‘a date’ as such because we ate and drank together in a cafe lol. I’m not sure if you have the same kind of life that I lead but it was magic and not in a spells and potions kind of way – just a greatness that leaves a wee warm feeling in your belly and a big satisfied grin on your face. I can’t remember only ever having one child to look after of an afternoon.
First question to wee C ‘What shall we do this afternoon?’ ‘ Erm, not sure, what do you want to do Mum?’ ‘ Well, this is your afternoon so what would be a great thing to do, just me and you?
So in true wee C style…cupcakes, pink lemonade, the hunt for wellies in a size 13, visit to the (kill me now) Bear factory for a bizarre ‘Hulk costume’ for Charger the camouflage bear (don’t ask me – I don’t make the names up!), rounded off with some 1970’s Scooby Doo, what more could you ask for? I had a ball! I also had lots of cuddles from a sleepy wee boy who is trying so hard to stay awake now. Aren’t kids great!
Night night C – remember cover the zombies in chocolate and eat them!