As most of you are aware I had set myself a little book challenge earlier this month (

I am ashamed to admit that I have seriously lapsed on that front recently. I have no-one else to blame but myself and the flu virus that has been wreaking havoc in my house of late. We have decided to buy shares in Kleenex tissues and Calpol and await our dividend cheque with baited breath!

It has come to my attention (from myself that is) that I need to stop the grumping and get on with it. So here I am. Getting on with it.

Book 4 – ‘The Blackhouse’ by Peter May

Wow. What a great read.

I loved the way this book concentrates on the fantastic, sometimes macabre way of life in rural Scotland – notably the Western Isles. It’s to-ing and fro-ing from childhood to adolescent angst and finally the last leap towards the main characters adult relationships with each other. The reader wants more and more as the story infolds before your eyes. The father-son tasks presented to the local youths, mainly with regards to keeping the staunch traditions of previous generations alive, become more apparent as the tangled web of deceit, jealousy and plain old 6 year old romances and loyalty come to light.

A fantastic story of life on an island and all the troubles. skirmishes and secrets that come with it.  Throw in murder, suspense and intrigue and you’re only half way there. I was kept guessing right to the end and for once I got the murderer wrong! Peter May  – you did me proud.

Having visited the area that this book is written about many times, it makes it all the more enjoyable to read, as I can picture exactly where the school is, the caves they explored, the lighthouse at Butt and so on. If you ever have the opportunity to head over there, the beaches at Scarista, Isle of Harris will take your breath away.

This book is part of a trilogy and I cannot wait to read the next instalment.

Now onto ‘Rush of Blood’ by Mark Billingham – Book 5 of 15.

I am never going to complete this task in the next 10 days, but I will give it my best shot!