I have nearly reached the half way mark, I have defeated Book 6 of my challenge and with only 9 more to read in 9 days I think I need..erm…help!

‘Sing You Home’ by Jodi Picoult is the first book from this famous author that I have read. As this was the case, I had a look into her bibliography and a lot of the subjects covered in her novels are quite morose and depressing. Not really the ambiance I was going for but you have to try everything out for size.

So, it was with trepidation that I turned the first page. The first couple of chapters deal with the heart braking loss of a child, which as a Mum, is where most of my nightmares begin.  The two main character’s have trouble conceiving and we join them as they endure the excruciating, anxious wait every month to see if that wee tadpole has decided to have a sleepover with an egg.  It becomes increasingly unbearable for all parties involved when there is no blue line on the test and the whole rigmarole starts all over again at the start of the next cycle.

Assisted fertility is a fantastic way for Mum’s, who for whatever medical reason can’t get pregnant, get to travel down the path in which the little bundle of joy can go home with them after all their hard work and effort. I admire and salute all women out there who go down that path and from the conversations I have had with many woman (and men for that matter), it’s not as easy as you think. The drugs, hormones, patience and relationship pressures that surround this epic task must drive the more chilled-out folk among us to distraction. Life is cruel – especially when there is no rhyme or reason to it all.

This book centres round one young couples (she is a music therapist – hence the title and he is a gardener) decade-long journey to achieve that goal. Events turn around quite dramatically as they realise that ‘not all is rosy round the garden’ in their relationship and they eventually separate and accept their quest to find out what they are really looking for in life.

I continued with the book and to be honest wasn’t enjoying it as much as I would like. And then it got slightly more interesting. Cult/god-like evangelists, out-of-closet announcements and family deceits draw you in quicker than an ice cream van at your door on the hottest day of the year.

A few surprises are thrown in, culminating in an extensive story-line of family betrayal, jealousy and greed. The saving grace for me with this book was the fantastic court case. I have a morbid fascination with evangelists and the ‘work’ that they do, so I got to have my cake and eat it! My opinion hasn’t changed on this matter, this book just clarified what I thought in the first place and then some.

I probably won’t read it again but a small part if me is glad that I did.

Book 7  – ‘The Impossible Dead’ by Ian Rankin..’some secrets never die’ written on the cover, how interesting!

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