Peter Kay and Amarillo.

All day I have been humming this fantastic Tony Christie song, recently brought back to life by the master of comedy Peter ‘Garlic Bread’ Kay, to raise money for Comic Relief. Is this the way to Amarillo? Well I don’t know if it is but I will enjoy myself for its entirety as I re-enact his video and walk around the house swinging my arms with a cheesy grin on my face. I can never get the head nod quite right though. I must practice that more.

Songs like these come along every now and again. They are not the horrific tunes that burrow deep into your skull and leave you weeping and sobbing because they won’t leave you alone (‘The Birdy Song’ or Joe Dolce’s ‘Shaddup Your Face’ to name two). No, this kind of tune is one of merriment and wonder – usually associated with late nights and silly dancing with your eyes closed, oblivious to your surroundings and the people privy to your impromptu performance. These are the tunes that make you smile and forget for a couple of minutes what was really annoying you.

Picture the scene… you’re late for work and then you put your finger nails through your last pair of tights or you have forgotten your umbrella and it starts to hail on your sorry ass leaving you perfecting the ‘wet dog’ look. Or the last nail in the coffin – walking out the lady’s room not realising that your skirt is tucked into your pants at the back – yeah, we’ve all done it!

So, I sit here watching Come Dine With Me as my carb-crazy hangover cries out for more sustenance and I restrain myself from licking the TV.  Peter Kay’s voice pops in and out of my head as I remember hilarious scenes from the fund-raising video – Ronnie Barker falling on the treadmill still cracks me up.

My drooth finally subsides and I return, slowly, back to normal to live out the rest of the day. I momentarily wallow in the groove I have created for myself on my side of the sofa. That groove is my groove, get your own groove.  12 hours sleep and a liver transplant and I will be right with you.

‘When the day is dawning…on a Texas Sunday morning…how I long to be there…with Marie who’s waitin’ for me there’.