…you can leave your friends behind…

Yip, The Safety Dance was the tune in my head this morning after we were out in force last night, albeit dancing of the Dashing White Sergeant variety. There is something to be said about hitting the floor with your rugrats, decked out in tartan and raising funds for their school while dancing like no-one is watching and having some fun at the same time.

Caroline @CeilidhKids did us proud yet again and even though numbers were down from last year the floor was never empty and the kids were suitably ‘sugared-up’ from the endless supply of flumps, squishy banana sweeties, cartons of e-laden juice and the smorgasbord of delights festooned at your average tuck shop, well it would be rude not to.

Going back to the dancing though, You Tube is a fountain of evil when it comes to embarrassing ‘dad dancing’ clips. Thankfully my husband hasn’t treated many of you to the delights in store from him, whenever the occasion may arise where he feels the need to astound you all with his dance floor talents. I think it’s safe to say that’s not why I married him, but it does make me laugh and I do say ‘bless’ a lot when it happens. Through closed fingers over my face but never the less, ten out of ten for effort Mr B!

Anyway, here’s to all those Dad Dancers out there, I liked this one but there was soooooo many to choose from! Sadly I don’t have one with Mr B in it but the moves from last night are still fresh in my mind, for today anyway.



    1. David, I think I was sweepingly generalising about most blokes I know after they reach a certain age i.e 5. I’m sure your Dad Dancing would do all the Dad’s out there very proud!

      Dance like no-one is watching…well that’s my excuse anyway.