In 2011 my submission for a children’s anthology was accepted and if I had known back then that I could have somehow linked myself to that book on Amazon, I would have had two accolades to my name on their site – but there you go. Everyday’s a school day and all that.

A lesson learned the hard way, it’s now 2013 and I have updated my profile.

So, here it is (drum roll please)…

My author page:

My (for those I need to swim to see):


I now find myself in 2013 and I have submitted a short story to my fellow author friend Sheila Hall, for an anthology she decided to create, to help other writers not as fortunate as our humble, weary souls.

Using her magnificent powers of persuasion (otherwise known as tackle hugs), it didn’t take long for her to convince more writers to add to her growing collection. In total, a group of 27 like-minded people from around the world have now contributed to her amazing idea and we are so excited and humbled to confirm that our lovely creation is now officially open for business!

‘The Struggle’ is a collection of short stories and poems from many literary minds across the globe, coming together to donate our words to such a fantastic cause. Some of the writers, like myself, are not published in their own right as yet so this is a wonderful way of helping a campaign to make other lives a bit better one page at a time and raising our own footprint in the big bad publishing world.

Please find below further information from Sheila regarding the people and communities we will be helping with the funds raised from the sale of this anthology:

The Struggle Anthology proceeds are going to the creation and maintenance of Creative Symbiosis, a non-profit organization helping writers in need.

 One of the book’s authors, who for the sake of personal dignity shall remain nameless, is currently facing homelessness and is only able to feed their family thanks to food donations from local food banks and charities.  This isn’t a sob-story, this is a harsh fact and the first priority is to help this person get back on their feet. 

 There are other writers facing similar situations, and they will be next to benefit from this program.  There are no free handouts here. A large part of this is about being proactive.   Despite financial problems, these writers have a gift and are working for what they gain.

 Some of the money raised will also go into backing Kickstarter and Indiegogo programs and various other anthologies.  Again, this isn’t a handout.  We’d rather see writers contributing and using their skills to help themselves and others.  In time the funds raised will help them to help themselves.

If you have the time and some spare pennies, we would really appreciate it if you could support us.  This quest is to ensure everyone in our literary community has access to what most consider the basics in life: food, water, shelter and love. It’s what makes the world go round, isn’t it?

For UK dwellers:

For those fantastic swimmers overseas:

Now I just need to get over my nerves and read my story in ACTUAL print without cringing and self-editing it all over again!

Thanks for listening (and reading).


  1. Thanks David, I said the same thing after my first anthology inclusion lol – still here trying my best though 🙂

  2. What a fantastic cause Sarah. Now you’re included in this anthology it should give you the impetus to go on and get your own book in print. Come on, we’re waiting !
    xxx Huge Hugs and