There I was, minding my own business having a catch up with my family – just the four of us. Three of whom are obsessed with anything to do with computers, gaming, smart phones and huge TV’s. The other is me.

We got onto the subject of Apple products (ipads, iphone’s etc) as you do when you are 7 and 9 (!) compared to android products. Neil had been talking about Apple product usage in the company he works for and our wee rugrats were listening in.

Here is how the conversation went (key: D – Dad  N- 9 y/old  C – 7 y/old)

C: Does the Apple factory shoot out apples?

D: Yes! They go really far and can even hit people miles away.

N: Wow – do they make chocolate too?

D: No, sadly they don’t.

C: Do they make chocolate apples?

D: No, but that could be the next Magical Experience you could suggest to the guys at Apple!

N & C: Awesome

C: Is the factory in the shape of a giant apple?

D: Yes, just like James and the Giant Peach!

N & C: Wow!

D: Think of it like James & The Giant Peach meets Charlie & The Chocolate Factory!

N & C: Woah!

D: Mash peaches and apples together and what do you get?

C: P’chapples!

N: Papples!

Needless to say we all wake up the tired staff in the cafe with our jovial charm and wit.  I give up and slowly melt into my latte.

Three geeks, going cheap to a good home all of them proficient in programming, cabling and general nonsense. The largest of them cannot help himself and loves to wind up children – you have been warned. RSVP with reasonable offers. No time-wasters or sales calls.






  1. I’m sure you wouldn’t really part with your own portable entertainment system. Life would be very boring Sarah.But you can ship them down if you need to take a break from the wit and charm at anytime. How’s that?
    xxx Mega Hugs to you xxx

    1. Author

      What a fantastic way to describe the nonsense I am subjected to each day. You are right, life would be very boring and I wouldn’t want them any other way. I will show them the map to your house tonight and send them on their way 🙂