An early alarm, I get out of bed

characters, plots going round in my head

a quick check of Twitter with my first sip of tea

a full hour later I’m still pressing re-tweet.

STOP my mind says

close the page, shut it down

you have work to do so quit clowning around

I sneak onto Facebook while my brain isn’t looking

what’s on in my world, is breakfast cooking?

has the dog been re-homed or missing cats found?

is the weather OK, is there ice on The Mound?

but what if I don’t press the ‘like’ button in time?

will my horoscope tell me I’ve ran out of spine

the end is near for my heels that dig in

just one more refresh and then I’ll begin

It’s all nonsense and gossip, it just tears you away

from the task you had hoped to complete today

whats another hour wasted checking my mail

will I ever sit down and just write my next tale?





1 Comment

  1. What a typical way to start the day,
    with a very small chance to get away.
    You have my complete sympathy as I’ve been at the computer so long doing just what you’re doing, I developed bedsores and they’ve healed with me now attached to my chair. Don’t let it happen to you….. but don’t stop writing.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx