Having seen the film Frozen countless times now and had ear worms keeping me up at night from Demi Lovato’s amazing song ‘Let it go’, I decided to write my own version for all those writers out there that sometimes can’t see the light at the end of the submission tunnel.

I’m not going to post a video of me singing, you would never come back to the site again, so for all those that know it then see if it works and let me know if it doesn’t.

This one’s for you…

Let Them Go (the no’s never bothered me anyway) by Sarah Broadley

The paper gleams white on the printer tonight,
not a letter to be found.
A writers cave of isolation, procrastinating queen is crowned.
My ideas are floating like written words on the wind.
they should be on the page, my patience’s wearing thin.
Just let them go, just let them breathe.
Be the writer you know you want to be.
Keep calm, don’t cry, just let them flow.
Just let words flow!

Let them go, let them go!
You can’t hold them back at this stage.
Let them go, let them go!
Open your heart and fill the page.
I don’t care what the critics say.
Let the words pour on and on.
The no’s never bothered me anyway.

It’s funny how I sit there and stare at the wall,
the fear of missing deadlines won’t get to me at all
It’s time to write, it’s time to prove,
to yourself and others what you’re gonna do.
No breaks, no tea, no chocolate bars.
I’m a star!

Let them go, let them go.
You can do it if you try.
Let them go, let them go.
don’t let life just pass you by.
Here you’ll sit, and here you’ll stay.
Get the story written down.

You heart begins to race as the chapter starts.
Your head is spinning with all the parts
You count the words – just 1,000 more
Never turning back, creating more and more!

Let them go, let them go.
You’ve finally finished your first draft.
Let them go, let them go
Your synopsis makes you laugh
Now here’s your chance, to press that SEND.

Let the words pour on and on,Β the no’s never bothered me anyway…

Here’s the proper version, in case you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about.





  1. Don’t fret Sarah! Your day will come, just when you least expect it. Just keep trying and send stuff out, forget about it and that’s when you end up with a real surprise. Somebody somewhere will like it. Honest!
    See you Tuesday night Chin up! Bon Courage!

    1. Author

      Thanks Angela – I don’t fret about it too much because it doesn’t get you anywhere, I just get up a wee bit earlier than the sun and get myself going πŸ™‚

  2. Encore, huge cheers and mucho hand clapping. Amazing song with one exception,…. your bad language…….. you cannot say no and chocolate in the same sentence without offending someone. Anyway writers depend upon it don’t I?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx