As far as I can tell there are seven days in the week. But what if there is another day – an eighth day?

A day just for you.

A day you get to do the things you have always wanted to but never had the time.  A day where the world is your oyster even if you don’t like seafood. A day where the fire is warm and you finally finish that book you have been struggling with. A day where time has no meaning and chocolate is calorie free. A day where the sun shines and there are no clouds in the sky. A day where love reigns and the wars stop. A day of peace that calms your whirring mind. A day where the words on the page don’t need editing and the bills pay themselves. A day of writing and never looking up until your done. A day of dreams and making them come true. A day of being ruthless and proving them wrong. A day of determination that ticks off items from your list. A day of submitting work and getting a YES!

There is – it’s called ONEDAY.  So,what are you going to do oneday?