I have a fascination with humans and the senses we use every day. But what if they were taken away?

When was the last time you closed your eyes and really listened to the world around you? With your eyes still closed, when was the last time you touched an unknown object and tried to imagine what it was without peeking? When was the last time you stood at the edge of the waves and couldn’t hear them roar? When was the last time you ate a chocolate coated strawberry and it tasted of nothing?

I have had to do without one of my senses this weekend and it has been a sensory revelation. I have been living in my own little world with no interruptions. I have had an ear infection which has drastically reduced my hearing ability so everyone around me has sounded different. It’s like they are mumbling under water. I can’t even hear my two cats meow at me for food or a cuddle. A very odd and slightly alarming turn of events.

I don’t feel perturbed by it, it just makes me appreciate what I have all the more. I sat in the garden this morning, there were kids playing in both the gardens next to ours and I just sat and watched. In silence.  It was like the beginning of a film when the titles come up and the background music comes through slowly, the characters have yet to speak or make a move. Like someone has pressed pause.

Today the water mumbling is less evident and I find myself whispering at people because I think I am shouting in their ear. On the other hand my boys have been shouting at me because I can’t hear them. Apparently I’m getting old!

Writing when you can’t hear is another world altogether. It’s a world where even my characters have been quiet – it’s like they have gone deaf too. They still have lots to say but it has been subdued and calm. I long to hear properly again, I am lucky that it will come back as I now appreciate the silent world some of us live in and I wish everyone who is in that world all the love, bright colours and tranquillity as they go about their day.

Be thankful for what you have, it can all change in an instant…or in my case, a sneaky bug that crept up with me noticing.


  1. AH SAY, I SAID AH SAY THERE SARAH, KIN YOU HEAR ME? I”m so sorry to hear you’ve been attacked by some little bug. You’re a writer, I’m surprised it wasn’t scared to death of you. We can inflict a lot of damage with these fingers, I mean just try ramming one into your ear to clear it and that will prove my point. Especially if you have long nails.
    I hope you’re soon back to normal and can hear all the plans being plotted against you by the kids so don’t let on you can hear them straight away. Parents need a little edge sometimes.
    xxx I send you Massive Hugs and an ear trumpet xxx

    1. Author

      I accept your gift of an ear trumpet and will use it first thing on my unsuspecting brood. there is nothing that passes me by and I have just discovered that I am actually quite good at reading lips.