We all know that when actors don the stage of their latest production, whispers from the cast of ‘Break a Leg’ ring out to wish them luck on the wooden boards.

What about writers? What should we say to each other when we press the Black Button of Doom and send away our little babies to be scrutinised by very busy people who have a nano second to decide you have potential?

Here are my top ten (slightly silly) suggestions to be used when raising glasses, cups of tea or whatever libation you like to support the weary minds of your writing friends who have just pressed send:

1.Break a pencil.

2.Here’s to the next chapter in your life.

3.May your laptop never die.

4. May your lucky spotty pants help you every day and not just now and then.

5. And breathe…

6.Here’s to getting a reply.

7. May the words on your submission shout the loudest from the pile.

8. When your sub arrives may the editor/publisher/agent be in a very happy place.

9.The refresh button is not your new best friend. Stay safe out there.

10.Here’s to waiting at least one hour/day/month (delete as appropriate) before chasing.

Good luck to all my fellow literary companions. May the force be with you and all that jazz.