Let’s look at the word Cancer.  For the miraculous few untouched by it, it’s just the name of a star sign. It doesn’t conjure up fear and unknowing or in my case anger. I am one of the lucky ones in that it hasn’t forced its way into my home but the fact that it is knocking on the doors of my friends is not on. Cancer, I am not coming out to play and no you can’t have my ball or play on my bike.

But it’s not just that. It’s a word that takes people’s breath away when the doctor tells them the news. It can throw everything that you take for granted out the window as you come to terms with what is now happening to the silent cells in your body.

Thankfully, more and more people are surviving Cancer but I just wish it left us all alone. It needs to find a new home and a new set of friends to play with. It’s a stealth-like ninja of such horrific proportions that it should be used for target practice at paint ball arenas or blown up in space where the fragments are obliterated by the Sun.

There is no-where to hide. A cure can’t come soon enough.

Here are my thoughts:

Hate. Such a strong word. It can turn the most placid of people into possessed human beings within a matter of minutes.

It makes you clench your fists and grit your teeth until your jaw hurts. It makes your head ache at the unfairness of it all and your heart race faster as you give in to the bait.

Hate is a cold word. It can make you feel small and helpless, stripping you of all calm and rational thought. It turns you into someone you don’t want to be. But you can’t help it. It just takes over.

I don’t hate anyone. I dislike selfish people and those that drive and talk on their mobile phones but I don’t hate them. They are not the enemy.

Hate is not a word I like to use, mainly because of the power that the four letters hold.

But you, Cancer. You take what isn’t yours and leave the rest behind to cope.

I hate you.