You’ve spell checked, formatted, polished and primed your baby and now it’s off. It’s flown the nest to another in-box awaiting perusal. It’s gone to a house of gatekeepers that will know from the first sentence whether they want to read on or not. They will look over your blood, sweat and tears with an understanding of the hours, weeks, months and even years you’ve poured into what they now hold in their hands.

Last nights interrupted sleep was worth it. The unfashionable early starts and coffee devouring was worth it. The endless procrastinating instead of just getting on with it, was worth it. How else can you find out whether or not pandas do like going down slides as much as you do?

It’s done now. You can relax. Maybe have a biscuit to celebrate. Well done.

You’ve pressed send.

That’s the hardest part.


  1. It’s not easy eating biscuits with your fingers crossed but eventually you become a virtuoso at it.
    xxx Huge Hugs from Wales xxx