Picture the scene.

You’ve spent all day wrestling with a chapter in your latest story. You’re finally happy with the page turns, the way the characters interact and the scenes depicted. A moment of bliss, you say to yourself as you turn off your device. You smile as you get ready to turn in for the night, knowing that tomorrow brings with it a new chapter, a new reason for your character to eat marshmallows or whatever it is that makes them happy enough to embrace where you are taking them next.

The lights go out and you begin to relax. The comfort of your bed grabs you in a well-deserved hug and you unwind as the worries of the day melt away. Sleep is moments away.

Your mind: What if unicorns have two horns, should they be called duo-corns?

A small voice persists, growing louder the more you try to ignore it.

You: Unicorns? Two horns instead of one? No! No! No! I am asleep. Stop bothering me.

Your mind: OK. But, what if giraffes were actually mini patterned Diplodocus and all along humans thought they were just cute animals with long necks and we need to let everyone know that we are sharing our time on Earth with actual dinosaurs?

You: Be quiet. I am trying to sleep. Giraffes are giraffes. Dinosaurs are dinosaurs.

Your mind: OK.

There’s a small pause which makes you think the voice has taken on board your lack of engagement and you sigh once again as you get comfortable.

Your mind: What if the moon doesn’t control the tides after all and there’s a Moon Queen that commands the movement of water on Earth instead? She’s so powerful she raises and lowers the water to reduce and increase land masses and her followers wear arm bands in case there are floods? What would you do then? Hmmm? Are you awake yet?

You: No. Maybe. The arm bands could inflate when the tide comes in and deflate when not needed. The title could be something like The Lost Tide and Halle Berry could play the lead role. Or Gillian Anderson because she swam in every episode of The Fall.

Your mind: Yay, you’re awake. Now then, lets put the light on and discuss the plot.

Welcome to my world.