Norah’s Ark by Victoria Williamson Norah’s life moving from one bed and breakfast to the other with her dad, means she’s moved schools and lost so-called friends more than she’d ever thought possible. Secretly caring for a myriad of animals to combat her loneliness whilst her dad looks for work,… more

There are some books that you read and enjoy but they don’t leave a long lasting impression. Whereas, other books seem to grab me, shake me about a bit and promise to never leave my side. I know there are many posts around this time of year with their ‘books… more

I wasn’t born in Leith. I am what my mum used to call a ‘pinned on’ Leither. I may be associated with the port just outside Edinburgh through my dad and the lineage from his side of the family but my mum was from well beyond the south side of… more