Inspiration on a Monday

I have spent most of the morning so far fighting with my bank and getting through the illusive Monday morning general clean up after a hectic weekend, when I came across this amazingly inspirational blog by Julia Churchill.

I am currently working on about 4 books at the moment – all in different genre’s and all taking up various amounts of time. Along with the 7 books hosting my bed time cuppa awaiting my attention, it’s a pretty busy time for my mind at the moment.

This post has everything I need to get me through the next chapter of my novel for wee boys who think they are actually big – I actually felt inspired and sat up (yes I know Mrs Reid my posture is dreadful) and after sharing this with you I will be immersing myself in all things Warlock and their silver tails all afternoon.

So for all those out there that need a bit of inspiration on a Monday, have a read at this and take a deep breath as you fly into the literary abyss that controls your inner-most thoughts.

Julia is now based with A.M. Heath but I ‘know her’ from my submission at the beginning of the year to the Greenhouse Literary Agency. I say I know her, what I really mean is I appreciated her comments on my ‘no’ e-mail back in February and she is in my ‘contact again’ pile. I am not a stalker in case she ever reads this and starts to worry but it’s comments like hers that make me want to succeed and that’s what I am doing – I’m trying to succeed. I need letters back that say ‘I enjoyed reading it but have another go’. Better than some who call me Mr Broadway – I may have short hair but that’s taking it a bit far. However, I do realise that all the agencies are extremely busy with their existing clients so I do very much appreciate the time they give my submission and the time they need to send me a reply.

Have a great day out there in the big bad world – #amwriting.