If I remember rightly, I spent most of August 2012 running from the school drop-off (I love my kids honest!) to the West End of Edinburgh as fast as my vertically challenged legs would take me. Once I reached my destination, I was home.

Not home as in the comfy place I spend time with my family but home as in my very own Alice In Wonderland-type magical land, you may know it as The Edinburgh International Book Festival.

I was enthralled by the fact that the most taxing decision I had to make once I arrived was – where to start my day. A leisurely stroll round the biggest open-air book shop in the world (to me it is anyway)? Or a wee seat on one of the fantastic canvas deck chairs, delicately placed in the middle square so you can watch the world go by? or in my case, a dabble in my other favourite sport – people watching.

Many an hour I spent reading, dozing in the sun (a balmy 12 degrees!), sitting in the rain (well, it is Edinburgh after all) and general lazy writer-itis exuding from my pores. I have the best job in the world.

So, Santa arrived this morning, well he did have red on and came from Leith rather than Lapland, to drop off my copy of the schedule of events/readings/music/poetry and all things Book Fest. There is a saying about being as happy as Larry, I don’t know who Larry is but I can honestly say I am as happy as him at this very moment in time!

Three hours I have taken today (on and off) – to whittle my list down to non-bankrupting levels of ticket purchasing I will partake in (see, manners and everything). Very, very tricky though and I was so proud of myself for being strong and not throwing caution to the wind and selecting the ‘buy-all’ option. Note to Festival bods – I hope there really isn’t one of these once I get the go-ahead to use my flexible friend – that would be lethal.

As you will see, most of the authors I wish to hear/see are crime novelists. It is what I constantly read even though I write children’s stories. I am disappointed that Ben Hatch won’t be there for me to annoy seeing as I am his Wisest Beer Fan (I have accepted his apologies though, he has some crazy trip-work thing to do lol) however I am extremely glad that Nicola Morgan is doing an adult slot, it means I don’t need to try to pass for a 15-year-old! Less of the short jokes please, but yes thank you for saying I still look that age when I’m hitting 40. I can dream.

If you are going this year, then look out for me under my umbrella or just soaking it all in as I read my next book in the great outdoors, forgetting the hustle and bustle of city life for a short while.

My Edinburgh Book Fest wish-list:

Kate Atkinson – Death After Death

Mark Forsyth – All Words Weird and Wonderful

Roddy Doyle – It Takes Guts To Follow The Commitments

Gordon Ferris & Deon Meyer – Crime Writing With Convection

Ian Rankin  – The Return of Rebus

The Independence Debate with Kirsty Wark

Matt Haig & Kevin Maher – Funny Peculiar

Gill Hornby & Deborah Moggach – Fifty Shades of Funny

Mark Billingham – Dead Realistic Crime Writing

Judith Kerr – A Celebration of Life and Work

Caitlin Moran – Orwell But With Tits or Peter May & Teresa Solana Tartan & Catalan Noir (on at same time!)

and finally for my husband-geek Grant Morrison – Superheroes Unmasked or 2000AD: Back To The Future…


…oh, mustn’t forget the kids *opens programme back up and starts the process all over again*



    1. It’s hard being small but my Mum always said that ‘Great things come in small packages’. So that’s what I am..I’m a..package!

  1. How I wish Edinburgh was just up the road. I love people watching and we could have swapped sinister stories. I hop you’r going to have a Great time.xx Hugs xx

    1. We would be the first to get there and the last to leave, leaving no stone unturned 🙂