10 things a writer does after pressing ‘send’

It’s over. You have finished another submission and pressed the BBOD (Black Button of Death)!

Please follow these 10 basic steps very carefully:

1. Breathing – breathing is good and must be accomplished at all costs.

2. Close the laptop – this is not the time to do another non-essential edit. Your sub has gone to the lovely big fluffy internet cloud in the sky. Move on. Stop crying. Stop it. There now, better?

3. Chocolate – copious amounts will help, I promise. Fill your boots.

4. Pacing – there is always pacing but as long as you don’t reverse No 2 then you will be fine.

5. Panic – this will happen for brief heart-fluttering moments throughout the next couple of hours but see No 1 for further details. You will be fine.

6. What if’s – you will  ponder every sentence/synopsis/author bio/Facebook page you have created for this sub. They might not like it,there I said it, but they might LOVE it. Does it matter? Do YOU love it? Does it keep YOU up at night chatting to the characters in your head (no, wait, that’s just me)? Is that not something you should be thinking about instead?

7. Celebration – give yourself a pat on the back, it’s not easy to do but give it a shot or ask someone else to do it for you. Stand in front of the mirror and say ‘well done’, in a non creepy way. Have a hot chocolate with whipped cream AND the chocolate sprinkles or a walk in the sunshine – what’s your favourite thing to do that you haven’t done since you wrote the first page? Go and do that for the whole day, you deserve it!

8. Sigh – normally of relief but may be linked to No’s 5 and 6.

9. Cry  – it may not be a full-blown tissue-needed experience but you may find you shed a tear for the chapters that have fled the nest or possibly from utter mental exhaustion from thinking about it all – you decide. Don’t worry though, the words and many more will be back! This can almost certainly be followed by laughter or maybe a smile. Easy now.

10. Sleep.

…and repeat.

I can confirm that no words were harmed in the making of this blog. Now get writing, go on.