Top ten reasons why you should have a book launch for your début novel:

  1. Congratulations, you are now an author! Leave your cave and go and join in the celebrations.

  1. Breathe a sigh of relief after all the hard work, tantrums, killer-procrastination days, tears, a gazillion edits and so much more. Your masterpiece is now finished.

  1. People want to meet you in person. Your name now adorns the front cover of a book that will rest among their literary treasures.

  1. Gatekeepers can now marvel at your accomplishment and hope they have enough copies of your story on their shelves because all copies are sold out on launch day.

  1. You now get the chance to thank everyone properly. Not just your agent and/or publisher but those linchpins that got you through the ups and downs from the moment you told them ‘I’m going to write a book’.

  1. Eager readers will queue to buy your book. They are part of your world now that you’ve hooked them in. The beginnings of a beautiful and long-lasting literary relationship that will grow and grow.

  1. You can now walk past your favourite book shop and see your creation in lights. It will be exciting to tell the world all about you and your story. This is when the really hard work begins. Enjoy the moment.

  1. Best of all, you get to sign YOUR name on YOUR book along with a dedication to the happy person waiting patiently at the other side of the table.

  1. You can recklessly promote your book through the medium of the outfit you choose to wear for the event. Shoes, pens, scarves… all adorned with the front cover.

  1. And cake. There’s always room for cake.

I have yet to reach the dizzy heights of publish-dom so this post is in recognition of the journey made by Kathryn Evans and the debut launch of ‘More of Me’, her fantastic YA novel now on a bookshelf near you. Well, maybe. I think they’re all sold out now. Run, go now!


  1. I’m delighted to see you haven’t let fame spoil you. No matter what, your priorities always include Cake.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx