The past few weeks have been madness. Falling out with my WIP and missing self-induced deadlines because there’s just never enough time to do everything are just the start of it all.

After a very busy weekend, I just couldn’t do it today. My body resisted when I tried to add more words to my neglected story, a bit like a child not wanting to go into its buggy. My sand-filled eyes just couldn’t stay open so I went back to bed. I listened to the day beginning for everyone else outside in the street and I closed my eyes.  I woke up feeling as if the day had just started but it was already ten.

I didn’t panic or get annoyed with myself. I had just done what a lot of us should be doing and it’s clear that we don’t. I took a break today. I don’t mean a quick cuppa and then back to it, I mean a proper, whole day off writing.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought about my plot and the way it was going, I had a few Eureka moments with characters and even wrote some notes for tomorrow’s early start. I answered e-mails, I booked meetings, I ordered flowers for a friend’s birthday and I even cleaned the bathroom. It is my day after all, so I chose to do what I wanted and not what I needed (well, yeah, the bathroom always needs cleaned) to do.

There’s a huge difference between want and need.

The next time life throws a lot of curve balls your way, take the time out to hit them back. Be kind to yourself. It’s the only self you have.

Your writing will thank you for it. I know mine will.


  1. Sarah, be kind to yourself. We need you and your books.

  2. Sounds like you set yourself a very punishing schedule Sarah. It’s good to take a break. OK, I grant you mine has lasted longer than it should but I think Welsh time is different anyway. I know you’ll be back at the grindstone tomorrow. Just try and remember how good today felt and that you can do it again if needs be,
    Look after yourself
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx