Said Is Dead!

The note in my hand made me nervous. Incredulous! Not on my watch and other such nonsense spluttered out from within. How could they? I ranted and raved at my youngest as we talked about his homework.

Said is dead.

Now, I don’t know anyone called Said and if they do happen to have died then I am truly sorry but this isn’t about a person, this is about writing conversations.

It seems that said is no longer required. We must reply or shout or scream instead. Not said. Said is dull and needs livened up. Said is boring. Said is no longer to be used for the purposes of this exercise, the bossy ink proclaims.

But I like said.

It’s a fine word. I like its calm demeanour and easy charm. I like the way it brings together sentences that would otherwise run away and never come back. I like its useful gift to the enter key – next paragraph, what happens now, it says quietly.

The homework is done but said is not dead. Its alive and well and living in my 2nd draft.