There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a children’s book debut that finally arrives in your library ready to be borrowed or on the shelves of your local bookshop but what about those who have had their 2nd, 6th or 99th book published?

Supporting creatives on social media, buying or borrowing their books and shouting about their stories when they’re launched into the world is something I like to do. There is no magic money tree to invest in most book launches so a link-nudge, a recommendation or an on-line review is what we, as word devourers, can do to support them.

I dedicate this post to the hard-working creatives who have published their non-debut books in 2020 – you are all awesome.

Here’s ten non-debuts that you may wish to consider for your next read (there are others out there too!):

‘Whoa! I Spy a Werewolf’ written by Justin Davies, illustrated by Kim Geyer

Order/ISBN/Info Hachette (Jan 2020).

Twitter: Justin Davies

‘The Siege of Caerlaverock’ written by Barbara Henderson, illustrated by Anne Glennie

Order/ISBN/Info Cranachan (Aug 2020)

Twitter: Barbara Henderson

‘Eight Pieces of SIlva’ written by Patrice Lawrence

Order/ISBN/Info Hachette (Aug 2020)

Twitter: Patrice Lawrence

‘Crown of Smoke’ (Shadowscent 2) written by P.M.Freestone

Order/ISBN/Info Scholastic (Apr 2020)

Twitter: PM Freestone

‘The Vigilante Tooth Fairy’ written by B.B.Taylor, illustrated by James Shaw

Order/ISBN/Info Tiny Tree (Mar 2020)

Twitter: BB Taylor

‘The Legend of King Arthuratops’ written by Mo O’Hara, illustrated by Andrew Joyner

Order/ISBN/Info Harper Collins (Apr 2020)

Twitter: Mo O’hara

‘The Boy Who Dreamed of Dragons’ written by Andy Shepherd, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie

Order/ISBN/Info Picadilly Press (June 2020)

Twitter: Andy Shepherd

‘Deleted’ written by Syliva Hehir

Order/ISBN/Info Garmoran Publishers (May 2020)

Twitter: Sylvia Hehir

‘How Selfish!’ written by Clare Helen Welsh, illustrated by Oliver Tallec

Order/ISBN/Info Words & Pictures Publishing (Apr 2020)

Twitter: Clare Helen Welsh

‘The Kringleset Chronicles – Rise Up, Rise Up’ written by Dawn Treacher, illustrated by Leighton Johns

Order/ISBN/Info Collaboration (Nov 2020)

Twitter: Dawn Treacher