You show your face

All shiny and yellow,

Making us smile

And making us mellow.


But where have you been

What seems like five years?

Having a holiday,

In the Algarve I fear.


So, you show up now

When we’re used to the cold.

Our heating’s been on,

It’s now covered in mould.


Our gloves all have holes

The fingers are worn,

We’ve forgotten about sunglasses

They’re just not the norm.


Please stay a while

And make us all glad,

We didn’t emigrate to Oz

Or bury heads in the sand.


Our features are grey

From not enough of you,

Our eyes shut tight

As if filled with glue.


We love your colour

And your shiny bright rays,

That seep into our skin

Making us lazy.


We’ve missed your brightness

The calming spirit you bring,

We hold our faces high

And let your warmth in.


It won’t be long before you go

But we need you more than you will ever know.

That yellow thing high up  in the sky

We know what you are you are, ‘You’re the SUN’ we all cry!