I have spent most of the morning so far fighting with my bank and getting through the illusive Monday morning general clean up after a hectic weekend, when I came across this amazingly inspirational blog by Julia Churchill.

I am currently working on about 4 books at the moment – all in different genre’s and all taking up various amounts of time. Along with the 7 books hosting my bed time cuppa awaiting my attention, it’s a pretty busy time for my mind at the moment.

This post has everything I need to get me through the next chapter of my novel for wee boys who think they are actually big – I actually felt inspired and sat up (yes I know Mrs Reid my posture is dreadful) and after sharing this with you I will be immersing myself in all things Warlock and their silver tails all afternoon.

So for all those out there that need a bit of inspiration on a Monday, have a read at this and take a deep breath as you fly into the literary abyss that controls your inner-most thoughts.


Julia is now based with A.M. Heath but I ‘know her’ from my submission at the beginning of the year to the Greenhouse Literary Agency. I say I know her, what I really mean is I appreciated her comments on my ‘no’ e-mail back in February and she is in my ‘contact again’ pile. I am not a stalker in case she ever reads this and starts to worry but it’s comments like hers that make me want to succeed and that’s what I am doing – I’m trying to succeed. I need letters back that say ‘I enjoyed reading it but have another go’. Better than some who call me Mr Broadway – I may have short hair but that’s taking it a bit far. However, I do realise that all the agencies are extremely busy with their existing clients so I do very much appreciate the time they give my submission and the time they need to send me a reply.

Have a great day out there in the big bad world – #amwriting.


  1. I know David – never a dull moment. I am primarily a Children’s rhyming story writer but as I’m having a reasonably tough time getting it anywhere (market is saturated and they are in a style been seen before), I have started a crime novel set in Edinburgh and also a 9+ book which is really making me laugh but also full of peril and angst lol. I also have a horror story up my sleeve in case I get bored or something! Needless to say, my mind does not rest but in a good literary way I think.

    Thank you for sending me luck – it beats PPI claim forms any day of the week.

  2. I also started the day with a bank battle when they decided to tell me I’d never transferred money to my daughter before. Since I know I have but they’ve wiped the records off I had to start again. No fun at all but it’s done now.
    I have about two chapters left to read of my bedtime paperback so I shall have to suffer sitting at the computer to have a read on Kindle for PC. I may have to invest in a kindle reader at this rate.
    Julia’s post must be a real boost for those of you writing books for children. It sets out firmly her wish list for submissions but also lets you know the type of books that take her breath away.
    You sound awfully busy with 4 books on the go. I do hope eventually Julia will be the one to send you a ‘Yes, this is the book for me’ letter. Best of Luck.