The end of another week and I contemplate once again my chocolate filled muffin-top. There has been an intense lack of fat busting exercise being done this side of the front door ever since the half marathon extravaganza I completed in April. Yes, April.

Extravaganza is possibly not the correct word to describe that long, long day. It was exhilarating and exceptional along with any other relevant positive word that begins with E. That race was not my finest hour but at least I can say I did it although Tenna ladies and a new hip were order of the day. I should have known after having the boys and my reluctance to trampoline.

Anyway, I did what all silly people do after accomplishing a massive feat – I decided to take some time off running, just for the one week or so I thought. One week turned into two and so on and before I realise it, it’s nearly the end of June and we are now counting down the sleeps til our Summer holiday.

Operation #AMRUNNING is now under way. As of Tuesday morning, in the wee small hours before the rugrats are awake and all normal people are still snoozing under their covers – I will be donning my best Olivia Newton John outfit and will be strutting my funky stuff along the walkways of the North. I may or may not dangle a jaffa cake in front of me to get going but I will try my best.




  1. Mmm, for a good Jaffa cake I might do that myself on crutches. ( p.s. I’m not being paid for this advertisement, but as you’re a friend I’ll whisper to you, Bahlsen Jaffa Cake biscuits are the best). xxxx Hugs xx

  2. Lol – it certainly does not come naturally to me so I’m glad I ran for charity and not for scaring small children with my wheezing and creaky bones πŸ™‚