Words are a spattering of letters jumbled together to make coherent sentences. They are the beginning of a story or the creation of a song.

Words twist and turn and meander across the page, their journey coming to an abrupt stop with the placement of pencil lead proclaiming the end of an idea with a small dot.

Yet words can be cruel, forever held in time for the world to see. Unforgiving and shameful in their lot, words prod at the mind as guilt spreads its talons and digs in deep.

Words can rejuvenate and replenish a soul but only once regret remains firmly on the surface. The words that brought hurt and pain should be a constant reminder to the uneducated.

Words can eventually be reinvented to blossom into something tangible and humble, their presence perhaps not welcome for now but needing to be written anyway as a genuine expression of remorse and concern for well-being.

Words are what we use to communicate our feelings and opinions but more importantly, to bring about long-awaited change.

Words are beyond powerful.