I met you by chance. Your mass of brown cells sat quietly behind my optical nerve before the light picked you up and made you visible.

Were you just waiting for your special moment to pounce or are you quite happy with your lot, sitting in the dark, silently evolving without a care in the world?

You may think you’re unassuming with your blob-like structure, but I’ve met your kind before. One minute you’re all ‘yay, look at how cute I am’ then with a flick of your cell structure you force us to wait to hear all about you and the plans you’ve made for me. Plans you had no intention of sharing, you just assumed I would be along for the ride.

I got the news today that you’re not so round and invasive as I first thought, you’re actually the perfect shape, flat and unchanged, the shape of hope. But that doesn’t change the way I feel about you.

I’ve got news for you my freckle friend. Beat it.

Don’t darken my eye back door again. You’re not welcome there or anywhere else on my being for that matter.

I know where you’re hiding now. I’m coming to get you.


  1. Oh boy, Sarah. Hope all okay with your eyes. Shape of hope? x