I tend not to set any new year resolutions now. Without a doubt life will throw a massive curve ball my way and I’ll end up missing deadlines, forgetting something Very Important and generally feeling miserable for failing and it’s not even the 2nd January yet.

Saying all that, there is one thing I will always keep going and that’s my jar. With £1 in the jar for every book I read this year, I’m hoping for a fantastic amount to give to charity by Dec 31st 2022.

In 2021 I read 52 books which meant I could give £52 to one of my favourite youth charities. The Junction is a supportive hub for children and young adults in north Edinburgh. It’s a safe haven for them to get support and advice for whatever the world has decided to throw at them. The staff and volunteers there are tremendous and I am delighted it is still there with doors open for those who need it.

Where does my 2022 reading start? First up – Catherine Barter’s ‘We Played With Fire’, based on the true story of the Fox sisters who talked to the dead (1848)!

#Book1of2022 #ManyManyMoreToGo